Rustlers by Lesley Selander Film Story

Tim Holt and his trusty sidekick Chito Rafferty hit the trail once again. This time they are mistaken for cattle rustler and arrested. They promptly escape from jail and then seek out the real cattle rustlers to clear their good names.

The biggest problem in cattle rustling reasons saloon owner Frank Fenton and the payoff guy in the racket is that you have to move the cattle to market after you’ve changed the brands and sell them. It’s the moving and changing that get you caught. So what these outlaws do is take the cattle and hold them for ransom. What the owner pays to get them back is pure profit without a lot of work.

Tim Holt and Richard Martin stumble into this racket when they get a hold of some marked bills that the ranchers marked in an effort to trap whoever is behind all this. These outlaws aren’t dumb and they’ve got the best kind of resources.

The climax is a thrilling one where the outlaws have Tim Holt trapped in a burning building during a shootout.

The plot’s fairly standard with a mystery mastermind, a saloon, and lots of hard-riding. Naturally, Chito can’t keep his mind on business with bar-girl Trixie (Andrews) wiggling around. Good thing no- nonsense Holt’s on the case. So there’s got to be some fast-shooting and a saloon bout of flying fists to spice things up. Plus, there’s some pretty good scenery from what looks like the piney Big Bear area northeast of LA. At least it’s not the cheaper scrublands of LA area. And catch the fiery showdown, more budget consuming than most. All in all, the programmer’s nothing special, but workhorse director Selander does keep things moving, while our heroes are in fine form, as usual.

Anyway, the results are sure good enough for this front-row geezer.

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